Whom are
the services
meant for?

Services for Healthcare

Create has years of experience on planning and providing wellness training for healthcare personnel. We offer further training for e.g. nurses, masseuses and physiotherapists. We also provide workplace wellbeing services for healthcare workers.

We offer wellbeing services that support families and caregivers of seriously ill patients. Since fall 2012, we have carried out wellness treatments for patients and their families in Terhokoti, a hospice care facility, and we have received great feedback.

Workplace wellbeing for healthcare professionals

Workers’ selfcare


Workshops: worker’s own wellbeing, skills to actively relax

Employee wellness days: recovery, relaxation, interaction, awareness

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment: Lifestyle Assessment-measurements and coaching

Respectful touch and interaction in healthcare work

  • Teaching how to use touch and massage as a part of healthcare work and strengthening respectful interaction
  • Touch and a massage as tools in health care work
  • Simple touch and massage techniques used to alleviate pain, and to calm and support a patient during their treatments
  • Interaction with a patient/customer
  • Managing difficult interactions
  • Literature on respectful interactions

Patients and caregivers

Rehabilitating massages and relaxation guidance support patients and caregivers. Rehabilitating massage treatments can be applied in hospice care and in elderly care.

Services for Education

Training, workshops and practical tools for wellness learning and teaching

Create Interaction’s wellness learning courses have been held during multiple school lessons, in workshops for students and teachers, in events for entire schools and in individual consultations.

We combine theory and practice in a warm and inspiring way in relaxation, imagination and bodywork exercises. The aim is individual and group wellness learning. With practice, we learn what significance respectful interaction has on wellbeing.

In wellness workshops and lessons, we experience how the exercises affect, for example, shoulder and neck tension, stress management, sleep, team spirit, concentration and memory.

Wellness learning exercises can also provide support for teachers and give them a new perspective on students. Regular lessons ground the exercises to the school work the best. Lessons are designed according to the age group.