“We need connections to other people and to our surroundings in order to be well. Having courage to converse openly and respectfully meet and touch is the key to a valuable, compassioned and socially rich life, even if our opinions differ. Creating this connection, cherishing it and teaching skills of respectful interaction are at the core of our services.”

Tuula Styrman, Executive director and founder


Our Services

Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching is based on our own forms of treatment based on respectful touch techniques.

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In our workshops and trainings, we focus on different well-being elements both for individuals and groups.

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Content Creation

We produce diverse health content tailored to the context and tone of voice for you.

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Customer Experiences

“I have experience on multiple Firstbeat-measurements, which have been enriched by Tuula’s consultations. I have learned to listen myself which couldn’t have been achieved by only numbers and figures. Tuula has a unique and humane touch. Truly competent in her work. Warmly recommended.”

Riikka Heikinheimo, Director
Confederation of Finnish Industries

“Understanding the significance of touch and using it as a treatment has decreased in the last 10 to 20 years. Beside medical care, there is a need for calming and invigorating messages that are received through touch.”

Ester Koskela, Nurse
Oulu University Hospital

Our Customers