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“The wellbeing of staff is an asset for a firm – wellbeing of an individual supports the growth and development of a company. Taking care of the working ability of employees can be the key for a good quality interaction between workers and management. The wellbeing of staff can be seen in great customer service, and it reflects company’s values in practice.”


Create’s wellness skills are taught in heartfelt workshops. These workshops provide an opportunity to try exercises in practice. The content of a workshop is planned to suit the needs of the group.

Wellness knowledge is told alongside exercises, so that the participants have time to feel the effect of the exercises and acquire the knowledge for their wellbeing. Experiences from the exercises can inspire changes in everyday life.

The exercises are practical and easy to do.

The exercises are relaxing and calming, they increase awareness of our bodies and they are thought to help with stress management, sleep and muscle tensions. Workshops also prepare participants for changes, improvements and interactions. After taking part of a workshop, your concentration improves which is important at work. Regular practice enables wellness learning. In addition, exercises done together create valuable interaction between the participants.


Current information on wellness from following themes

  • Recovery and stress management
  • Improving relaxation and awareness skills
  • Good sleep and daily recovery
  • Ask for more themes related to wellbeing

Lectures +

Combine a lecture and workshops! An effective and functional combination brings the latest wellness knowledge and skills to a part of a working community. The wellness information discussed on lectures is used in workshops, so that the participants will get an practical experience on the exercises.

A lecture and a workshop can be held as a singular event, for example, as a part of an employee wellness day. Best results are achieved through a series of lectures and workshops, so that the learned knowledge is ingrained in daily life, this means three different events with varying themes.

Content creation

We are specialised in the wellness and support, with various contents, of social and healthcare staff and teaching professionals.

Digital content, training and events are produced in cooperation with experts. For health content in particular, we offer a diverse set of services, workshops and content that help and prepare people to work in digitally-enabled environments and tasks, fostering a genuine and respectful connection between people.


Firstbeat measurements support wellness training, they also work on their own when the goal is to enhance recovery and find new resources for work durability and wellbeing.

The assessment is based on heart rate variability measurements collected during a five day period. It measures and recognises stress and recovery time in your daily life, it shows the significance of exercise and evaluates the effect lifestyle choices have on wellbeing.

At Create, feedback sessions of the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments have a special coaching manner. The results are discussed with our consultant, and based on them, individual wellness goals can be set. You can come to an analysis on your own or with a friend!

The benefits of a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

  • Find personal and valuable time for recovery at work and at home
  • Support and inspiration for a positive change in wellbeing
  • Help to prevent burnouts
  • Encouraging and easy way to see how changes in your own activities and lifestyle choices affect your wellbeing.


Our wellness ambassadors bring massage treatments and relaxation guidance to a workplace, to a seminar or to an event. Workplace visitations are easy to carry out and a simple way to take care of workers. Wellness ambassadors can visit a workplace regularly or do a singular event to delight the workers.

A small pause or a change of rhythm during a workday invigorates and improves concentration. 

Our wellness ambassadors walk around workstations to give rehabilitating massages that help with neck and shoulder tension and prevent mouse hand or wrist injuries. Individual coaching can include tips for stretching, relaxing and enhancing concentration.

Relaxation Treatments

Relaxation treatments are individual coaching and treatment sessions that we have developed. They are individually planned for each customer. A relaxation treatment is based on the physiology and the psychology of touch. It helps to balance our mind and body.

The techniques we use stretch muscles, mobilise joints, gently release tensions and they are done over clothing. The strength of touch and rhythm are based on the needs of a customer, and they can support recovery and relaxation or be invigorating.

Effects and experiences of a relaxation treatment are always personal. A massage lasts from 30 minutes to an hour and half.

Benefits of a relaxation treatment

  • Eases muscle tensions
  • Increases awareness of the body and self
  • Helps with sleep
  • Excellent for treating tiredness and migraines
  • Can be applied in a treatment for back pain, neck and shoulders, and other musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Suitable for pregnant people and people who are planning a pregnancy