Recovery during workday

This course is designed for those who do a lot of information work, for students or those who focus intensively on telework.

The exercises include movement, body care, break exercises, and awareness exercises to help you position yourself in exactly the situation and moment you are in.

Exercises help you to settle, focus and breathe for a while so that active relaxation and a work ethic are maintained.

In addition to active relaxation, we hope that the course will make the space feel like busy days.

In the exercises you will find the Movement, Massage and Awareness sections.

If you wish, you can also incorporate spoken exercises into your own body and mind care package —-Link to audio.

Check it out

First, go through all the exercises, try them out and choose the ones that are right for you and the different work days.


You can do the exercises daily or choose one or two exercises as the theme of the day and repeat them regularly.

Repetitions train the body and mind and gradually reinforce a new bodily response.


Take advantage of the exercises you find in the program, include something completely new in your daily routine, a variety of restorative exercises, and enough rest.